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Hall of Mirrors – Moon Landing and Mars Hoax Proven

Hall of Mirrors – Moon Landing and Mars Hoax Proven
Astronauts are brave men and women, but can we trust NASA? Do they tell the truth? Are vested interests at stake? In light of all the latest revelations about water on Mars and possible life on other planets, can we trust the images we are being shown and the statements that are being made? There is a better version of this film here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNxxzEIzDVU

In light of NASA recently sacking Christian scientists are they part of the ‘progressive’ atheistic agenda to move humanity away from a belief in God with emphasis on the materialistic model while they imply that life is everywhere in the Universe. Many people suspect NASA are about to pull of another deception as big or bigger than the moon landing hoax and it is for this reason that this documentary movie was made. NASA have achieved great things, the space shuttle for example, although it was essentially an airplane attached two large fireworks which proved inherently unsafe. It would be wise for us to not get swept along with the progressive agenda in which mankind conquers all if that narrative is untrue or we may have far too much faith in ourselves to our own determent and self destruction.

For those of you who say we have a secret space program, how can we have a secret space program if we cannot even get beyond the Van Allen belts and survive? John Young says in one of his latest interviews on Youtube “we still do not know how to protect from radiation”.
via YouTube http://youtu.be/vPRyo4cSESQ

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